The Donut Shop of Eagle Bay was opened in 1966 by Barbara Wood.  Pat and Dave Rowe purchased the business in November of 2003.

In the summer of 2008 we were proud to sell our 1,000,000th donut. John Nemjo from the Mountainman Outdoor Supply store had suggested that we keep track of the donuts we sold when we first bought the shop. He offered us a kayak as a prize when we sold the 1,000,000th donut. We thought about it and decided that it was a great idea. We put a sign up that asked, “How many” and the fun began. We updated it every week. On August 20th at 10:30 in the morning, we did it! Brian and Debbie Ferries of Brockport, New York were the lucky purchasers. They also won Donut Shop shirts.

We thought that we were excited when this happened, but then came the call that they were sending someone up to take a picture of the shop for a “Cat’s Meow’s” in the Old Forge area. This piece can be purchased from Souvenir Village in Old Forge.

Our website has been a great addition to the shop. Many people use it to order donuts for loved ones throughout the year. We have shipped donuts to twenty-six different states and Canada.

It has been a joy to own and operate The Donut Shop.  We have enjoyed the many stories and memories from our customers.  Watching the children grow from year to year has been so exciting.  We have met so many wonderful people from all over the world.

Pat and Dave Rowe